Roland Deschain

Egotistical Centaur Gunslinger who is after one thing...Revenge


The Chronicles of Roland Deschain

Roland was not always a troubled soul, infact he was light hearted and had a sense of humour that was infectious. He was always good with a gun and was going to join the Outriders when he came of age, just like his father and his father before him. His one major flaw was his ego, he was the best shot outside the outriders and was probably better than some of them as well.

So when a mysterious human man dressed in dusty, ragged white clothes rode into the village carrying two pistols on his belt asking for Roland, it came as no surprise to him, reasoning that his reputation as a gunslinger had spread. The man was cordial at first, seeming to be very interested in Roland and his abilities, but as the days past his interest began to wane and he became arrogant and sarcastic, until eventually Roland dismissed him and went his own way.

The man, who had never given his name and when asked it would divert attention masterfully. Stayed on in the village despite the situation with Roland. He paid his way and was cordial enough, but every so often a mean streak would emerge, like if his meal was not cooked to his liking or a bunch of children were playing and were in his way, he would lash out with his tongue, until one day he lashed out with his fist, in response the young stag began to draw his weapon and the man in white, his hands a blur drew both pistols and shot him, dead.

Roland did not witness the encounter but he was not far away, galloped towards the ensuing chaos and came face to face with the man in white.
The man sneered at him. “It is not your time just yet, would be Outrider. But let me help you on your way. Draw..”
It took a moment for Roland to register the last word. He drew.
It was dark and there were people talking nearby, he tried to turn towards the voices but realised he couldn’t. He was lying down, and his eyes were closed. He began to open his eyes but the light was too painful and he shut them again.

“look, he’s awake.” It was a female voice, with an elven accent.
He heard movement coming towards him. Shielding his eyes he opened them again and was rewarded to see three strange figures standing above him. The female, who infact was Elven, a bendhu who were a race of bird people who lived in the mountains just north of the village and an old gnome who infact had a large cat sitting beside him.
They introduced themselves and then gingerly broached the subject of the devastated village surrounding them. The village had been torched and those people not slaughtered in cold blood were missing, mainly the women and children.
The gnome produced a tattered blood stained note, which he read to Roland.

“To Roland, the would be gunslinger. I have let you live to witness the devastation of your ego. One would hope that you do indeed improve, you pathetic whelp to stand any chance of rescuing the remainder of your friends and family. I look forward to our next meeting in Ptolus”

Motivation and Goals of Roland

At this point Rolands main motivation and main goal are wrapped in one. He is seeking revenge against the man in white and secondly saving his friends and family. He has already begun orchestrating this by ordering the crafting of 2 exquisite pistols which he believes will give him that extra edge. Every decision he makes is based on how is it helping him achieve this goal. He would rather it be sooner rather than later and even though his ego is large, he realises that the man in white is slightly better than him at this point.
At the moment though he is getting exceedingly frustrated with himself and the groups situation. He has not been able to demonstrate his true skill in combat and to this end he has been pushing to hire people that can take the pressure off him and allow him to shine, what becomes of them is not really his concern.
Even beyond the whole revenge thing, Roland’s Motivation and Goal is quite similar. He knows he is good looking and extremely talented and because of this he hates to lose, his whole motivation and goal is to be the best, to rise to the top, which is why he wanted to join the Outriders, they are the best of the best of his people and he wants to be the best of the best of them, and one day when he has exacted his revenge he will go back to his homeland and be that.

Roland Deschain

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